What is hypermetropia?

This shortening makes it difficult for the eye lens to focus the rays coming from nearby objects onto the retina. In rare cases, the level of the cornea or the dilation of the eye lens can also cause hypermetropia.


Normally all children are hypertrophied in the middle. In youth, this gradually decreases. As your eye grows smaller and hypermetropic, the hypermetropia decreases. Young children with hypermetropia usually see both distant and relative well. Because the ability of the eye lens to focus is strong enough to compensate for the shortness of the eye. Hypermetropia can occur with strabismus in children, because the eye muscles have to contract strongly to see close. Non-visual symptoms such as headache and indifference to reading in children are warning signs for hypermetropia. Hyperopia, such as myopia, is also hereditary.